About Us

Originally known as the Hallond Run Presbyterian Church, we are a local congregation that was established in 1825. In 1830 the church moved to its current location where several additions have since been added to the original church building.

We are a member of ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians), along with other ECO churches in parts of Pennsylvania and a portion of New York State, we are a member of the ECO Cornerstone Presbytery. 

The mission of ECO:  A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians is to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.  Founded in January 2012, ECO's name represents its commitment to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Evangelical), Connect leaders through grace-based relationships (Covenant), and unite around standards of life and ministry (Order).  ECO is a Reformed denomination that is structured to feel like an association, with an emphasis on nimble governance, relational networks, and autonomy for local congregations.  By investing in churches and pastors, ECO exists to advance a gospel movement to make Jesus Christ known.

As Presbyterians, we hold to the belief that the worship and service of God and the governance of church matters are to be ordered according to the Word of God by reason and sound judgment, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

As a local church we have a governing body of five ruling elders, six deacons, and six trustees.  The ruling elders, along with the Pastor, are responsible for the spiritual life and mission of the church. The deacons perform care-giving ministry along with a host of supportive tasks which enhance our ministry together.  The Trustees are responsible for the corporation duties of the church and see to the maintenance and care of the church facilities and its employees.  There is also a separate corporation, the Mountain Presbyterian Church Cemetery Association, which is managed by a five - member board of directors.
We believe that God effectually calls sinners into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ through the preaching of the gospel. As the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin and gives us faith to believe in Christ we confess Him to be our Savior and Lord. We believe that we are justified and made right with Him by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

We believe that once redeemed, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us, empowers us to live out our lives as Christians, and seals us for salvation.